The Business of You explores an important topic for young professionals, especially in today’s economic climate: how find and be successful in a career.  This book gathers the best practices and approaches that help author Lukas Krause go from an entry-level job to the C-Suite of an industry leading company in less than 10 years—after he found success taking on a new position as a pitcher and reinventing himself to play professionally in the New York Mets organization. 

The Business of You is full of practical advice and career coaching for professionals at any stage of their career with topics like:

·  Building your personal brand

·  Identifying the skills you need to advance your career

·  Growing your communication skills

·  Optimizing your daily output

·  And many more


Whatever a person’s ambition – getting that promotion, securing a raise, or landing their dream job, Lukas promises to help them uncover their own vision for fulfillment and chart a road map to get them there. The Business of You is like an MBA for your career.  Let it guide you to and through the career you deserve. 





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